We value the privacy of our user’s data so we take appropriate measures to protect your information. All the information ( Name, Email, Contact, Address) that we collect from our customers is secure with us and we do not provide access of your information to any third parties..

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU-wide privacy and data protection law which enables individuals to gain greater control over their personal data. Businesses responsible for processing personal data must abide by certain obligations.

Information That We Collect

From Our Customers And Registered Users

In order to make the conversion process as seamless as possible, we intentionally ask for very little information from the customer. Personal information such as the name and email address of our customers are collected. Temporary details such as your operating system, browser, site usage statistics, IP address, and general location are also logged for security purposes. Payment and billing information are only captured when you make any purchases, which are submitted by you.

From Authors:

In order to send commissions and verify their identity, we collect name, store name, support email and payment details from the author.

Purpose of Collecting

We do not allow you to browse restricted content without identifying yourself as a user, so we collect this personal information to send you product updates, get feedback and send marketing materials. This defines your overall goal of providing access to your assets, identifying trusted users, and sending product updates.

Who Can Access

You may update your personal details and data at any time using your account settings. We do not provide access of your information to any third parties.

How Long We Keep Your Data

Until you unsubscribe from us and delete your account, we have your name and your e-mail address.

How We Process

If you purchase anything on our site or register, your name and email will be stored in a database for security reasons. We use this data to identify you as a registered user – to provide support, to allow you access to future products you purchased, to manage your products as an author, to send you product updates, to get feedback, and to send out marketing materials.

Policy for Under 13 Children:

We do not allow anyone younger than 13 years old to provide personal information on our websites or make purchases.

Links to External Websites:

Our blog posts are filled with useful information, such as product reviews, tutorials, and related resources. They may direct you to an external website. You will leave the site if you click a third-party connection, and go to that external website. No responsibility is taken for the use of your personal information on third-party websites.

Usage of Cookies:

Our website uses cookies (third-party services, such as Google Analytics , Facebook Pixel, etc. that track user behavior on our website , and provide demographic and other statistics about our visitors) to gather information about user behavior and gather demographic data about our users in general. In order to prevent cookies from getting placed on your browser, you need to disable them through the browser settings.

Data Protection:

Our team is very concerned about the security of the data we collect. However, if there is a risk that a data breach occurs such as a modification, unauthorized access, or loss of data. You will receive an email immediately.

Your Control Over Your Data:

The site provides you with the ability to update your personal details using your account settings, as well as the ability to delete them. So, it means that you have full control over your data.

Marketing Emails:

Subscribe to our newsletter, and you’ll receive newsletters/emails that include product updates, discounts, or releases that are relevant to you. We give you the option to opt-out using the unsubscribe button then in the future you can e-mail us, and the information you provided will be removed immediately.

Change of Privacy Policy:

We have all rights to make major changes to our privacy policy at any time. However, we will always inform you about the change through emails to keep you updated.